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Window & Door Repair Service Ltd

Repairing PVCu, Aluminium & Wood Windows, Doors & Conservatories.
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Why do my windows have condensation inside the glass unit?

Sometimes the seal on a double glazed unit can breakdown, allowing air and moisture inside. Once this occurs condensation begins to form as temperatures rise and fall.

We can replace the glass unit regardless of its size. There are a wide range of obscure glass designs available to match in with your existing units.

My door is getting stuck when I am trying to open it / My door will not lock properly

Over time doors can drop causing them to catch at the bottom. This can also mean that the locking mechanism no longer aligns with the keeps in the frame. You may notice the door is harder to lock and you have to force the handle up in order to lock the door. In the majority of cases this can be easily remedied by realigning the door with adjustment to the hinges.

If this is left unrepaired it can result in the lock failing completely, which is more costly in the long run. In cases where the lock has broken completely we can get the door open and replace the entire lock.

Why are my windows allowing draughts to enter?

It may be that your window hinges are worn or broken. When the hinges need replacing the windows often do not pull in against the frame allowing draughts to get in.

My patio door is not sliding properly.

The wheels under your door have most likely rusted or broken. We can replace these and get your patio door sliding smoothly once again.

I need a cat flap.

If you have a PVCu panel in the bottom of your door we can install a cat flap in the existing panel. If you have glass at the bottom of your door we can either replace the unit with a new glass unit (with inbuilt catflap) or a new PVCu panel (with inbuilt catflap).

I feel I need to upgrade my security.

We can supply and fit locking window handles to existing windows. We can also add additional security locks to your existing doors & patios.

I need a fire escape.

We can change the hinges on an existing window to a 'Fire Escape' hinge, giving your a larger opening in the event of an emergency.